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Services & Facilities of Our Hotel

Service & Facilities

Free Breakfast Service Every Day

GRG Hotel Naha Higashimachi focues in providing a delightful morning for guests through our "free service breakfast." We believe that a good, sufficient breakfast keeps people energised throughout the day. You can have Japanese rice balls, bread, salad, soup and coffee as much as you want. For details, please take a look at our Complimentary Breakfast (click).

Service & Facilities

Facilities - Business Room

Our modern-classic style business room allows business bookers to have their meetings as efficiently as possible during their stay.

Decorated with beautiful bright lights and boasting its luxurious wood interior, it features 42-inch plasma television and a free internet broadband access for your personal computers.

We do not allow using the business room for the following purposes:
- selling your products at our hotel

- fund raising
- solicitation
- catch sales

Reservation for Business Room